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Meet the Team

     Our mission at Justice Construction is to provide our clients with the best possible solutions to their construction needs while maintaining the highest degree of servanthood to all people.

Read below to learn more about us, and what we stand for.

Steve Justice

Founder and President

"I grew up in construction." 


"As a kid, I grew up on construction sites where my dad was a superintendent.  I realized very early on that the pride of taking an empty piece of land and building something that would stand for a lifetime was greatly fulfilling.  I started Justice Construction Inc. in 2006 after working for several different companies.  We have built this company from the ground up, starting with only one employee.  We now have a total of 11, and are always looking for ways to continue to grow."

"Looking back now, I still enjoy the feeling of seeing a finished building standing tall, but it's the relationships I have built over the last 12 years that have more value than any project we complete." 

David Keesee

David joined the team at Justice Construction in 2018, but has worked in the construction industry for 40 years.  He has worked as an estimator and superintendent for several general contractors in the Abilene area.  At Justice Construction, David takes charge of estimating, project management, and procurement.

Estimator/Project Manager

Steve Thompson

Sr. Project Superintendent

Steve Thompson has been a part of Justice Construction since 2013, and knows a long career in the construction industry.  Over the past 20 years, he has worked as a superintendent on several major projects in Abilene, and brings a great amount of knowledge with him to the table.  Steve is a wonderful hands-on superintendent, and an excellent craftsman.

Mercedes Jaques

Office Manager

Mercedes is the Office Manager extraordinaire for Justice Construction.  She manages bills, keeps records (and makes sure the guys stay in line!), and works hard behind the scenes to ensure the company stays operating smoothly and efficiently.  

Meet the Guys

Our team comes with 100 years of combined experience in construction.  Each team member is unique to his craft, and puts his heart into his work.  A team filled with dedication and knowledge, these guys are hard to beat.

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